Zielona Wiewiórka housing estate in Dąbrowa near Kielce

In the near future, we will start our own investment consisting in the construction of a housing estate of single-family houses named Zielona Wiewiórka in Dąbrowa near Kielce.

The investment will be located in Dąbrowa, commune Masłów, in close proximity to the exit route from Kielce towards Warsaw (dual road no. 73) and the S7 expressway. Access to the center of Kielce will take no more than 10 minutes by car.

We plan to build 27 residential buildings, of which 24 will be semi-detached and 3 will be terraced. Behind the last buildings there will be a recreational area with a forest.

Each of the 27 buildings will house two residential premises:

  • lower premises – located on the ground floor and consisting of a living room with a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom with a total usable area of approx. 72 sq. m.,
  • two-level upper premises – with a total usable area of approx. 120 sq. m., consisting of the 1st floor (living room with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom) and attic (two bedrooms and bathroom) with a large terrace.

Each residential unit will be assigned a parking space and a garden.

The planned completion date of the entire investment is March 2026.

We will soon launch a website dedicated to this investment, which will be available at www.zielonawiewiorka.pl (in Polish only).

  • Disclaimer: The information presented above is subject to change.