Factory of Separators for Lithum-Ion Batteries for SK Hi-Tech Battery Materials as a part of M-Project for Poland, Phase 1 (SK E&C)

  • parking works,
  • steel works,
  • mechanical works (potable water installation and toilets equipment),
  • finishing works,
  • utility containers.

Factory construction for LG Chem Wroclaw Energy as a part of LGCWA P4 Project (GS E&C)

  • reinforced concrete and precast concrete works,
  • road works,
  • retention tank.
Dongseo Display Warehouse Extension (Space Poland) / 5.5M PLN

  • earth work,
  • P.C. structure work,
  • external panel wall,
  • roof.

LG Display JV Project (Songhwa ENC) / 6M PLN

  • factory layout,
  • structure wall,
  • office remodeling and interior.
LG Innotek Project (GS E&C) / 6M PLN

  • earth work,
  • P.C. structure work.

Lucky Union Food Factory CM (GS E&C) / 6M PLN

LG Display E1 Project (GS E&C) / 17M PLN

  • office building construction,
  • glass, metal & fence finishing,
  • live load extension.